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Welcome to the discussion hall in Expert Technology Storehouse! The name says it all. We are a storehouse storing everything from computer stuff and knowledge (expert, BTW...), to tech & world news, martial arts, sports, music...and someday useful software as well. Want to join? We welcome new members, especially experts at stuff!

    All visitors feel free to contribute to the site

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    All visitors feel free to contribute to the site Empty All visitors feel free to contribute to the site

    Post by Coolname007 on Wed Aug 12, 2009 2:23 am

    Want to know how to contribute to ETS ?

    There are many ways to contribute. For instance, writing a wiki article , or a blog entry , is very helpful to say the least, and much appreciated. Basically, the more people we have contributing to ETS's storehouse of knowledge and information, the faster this site will take off from the ground, and be helpful to the rest of society who are searching for answers. Also, as our community grows, there will be more people to help out at the forums, and help others with their technical computer issues (which are no doubt, many). I aim at making this site the best location on the Web for getting good answers, and getting it fast. cyclops

    Artisic images and graphic art is also very much looked for and desired. So hop over to our Photo Gallery to share your favorite and most exciting handiwork that you may have drawn up in your spare time (or not-so-spare-time if its a profession), with the world. Also share any images you may have got from sources on the Web, provided you don't infringe on any copyrighted property.

    In other words, if you post a pic obtained from a site which content is protected by a copyright, then make sure to post a link to the original source, so proper credit is given where credit is due. Wink

    You can also contribute videos if you like, as that that will greatly assist this site's success, as many people are just looking to have a good laugh, or to gain some knowledge from watching video content on the Web. So the more videos we have, the better!

    Feel free to give feedback on the various aspects of the site, so I can get more ideas for improving the site. The more people we have contributing ideas and content, the faster this site will grow, and be much more helpful to humanity in the long run.

    I'm looking especially for computer-related content, and anything related to technology. Remember...this is Expert Technology Storehouse. Stick out tongue Although this is only a name at the moment, and doesn't mean hardly anything until there is more content, I aim for this site to become exactly that eventually, so that visitors can come from all over the world and Web, to find answers here, and wont go away empty either.

    So please do help!

    Where tech meets traditional, and ideas merge to form one single entity.
    All visitors feel free to contribute to the site Ets_fo21
    Help ETS by joining today, and contributing content! Your help is very much appreciated.

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