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    Adcted mu online


    Adcted mu online Empty Adcted mu online

    Post by iulianm1 on Mon May 09, 2011 1:15 am

    MuAddicted - Powered by Addicted2.ro

    Dear MU Players,
    Mu Addicted is a medium low server, thing which made us to gain players confidence. We can guarantee that Mu Addicted is a LONG TERM Server
    Mu Addicted is Powered by Addicted2.ro - An active online gaming network since 2010 that continously expands, every day.
    There is a list of features that our server has:
    General Info S2.2
    Experience Rate: Custom : 25~50x
    Drop Rate: 50%
    Character Reset: Yes
    Server Style: Global & Customs Configs
    Custom Features:
    Golden Archer
    Pet System!!!
    Season 3 wings with options !!! + chaos machine !!!
    Custom quest + reward after !!!
    Jewel of Mystical
    Jewel of Excelent
    Jwwel of Luck
    Custom 3d cam F7 ON/OFF Mouse control!!!
    Minimap Tab to HIDE/REVEAL Minimap
    NEW!! - Deathmatch Event
    NEW!! - Mad Race Event
    Bugless Gameplay
    Note: We are not selling full option normal/excellent/ancient gears, weapons

    Find out more, on

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