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    Request Rules - Please Read Before Requesting

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    Request Rules - Please Read Before Requesting Empty Request Rules - Please Read Before Requesting

    Post by Coolname007 on Wed Jul 29, 2009 1:23 am

    Graphics Requests Rules

    1. You may only make a single request a week. This is so everyone can have a chance at getting their request met. However, if your first request is refused, you are allowed to make a new request in that same week, and continue doing so if each subsequent request is refused.
    2. Keep in mind we all have other calls on our time, so please be patient after making a request. Most times than not, your request will be met within a week. If more time goes by than that, you're welcome to complain.
    3. Remember to give your topic an explicit and detailed name. Names like just "Help please - graphic art", for example, are not tolerated here. If you give it a name like that, you run the risk of having your topic moderated, and "whisked" out of sight. What a Face
    4. DO NOT double-post or post in ALL-CAPS. Doing the former runs the risk of having both of your topics deleted, and doing the latter is like shouting at people in real life (DON'T do it). It is permissable, of course, to have a word or two in ALL-CAPS, for emphasis (like I just did), but never make your entire post ALL-CAPS.
    5. When making a request, always use the Graphics Commander form:

    [color=darkred][b]Nature of the creation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Creation size (in pixels) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]With or without animation :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Background color :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Picture(s) link(s) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Text to insert :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Link to the font to download :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Text color(s) :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    [color=darkred][b]Extra comments :[/b][/color] YOUR INFO HERE
    This graphics commander will give you something like this:

    Nature of the creation : Button
    Creation size (in pixels) : 88*31
    With or without animation : With animation please
    Background color : Blue
    Picture(s) link(s) : Name-of-your-link
    Text to insert : Click Me
    Link to the font to download : You can choose the font.
    Font color : White
    Extra comments :
    I don't have extra comments
    All you do is fill out the information.
    It is advised to add exact pixel sizes (width and height) or at least an estimate to the final products size.
    Same goes for color... make sure to specify clearly.

    As a summary, everyone is free of course to respond to requests, and welcome to try to satisfy the user's desires, if they like. But if someone else beats you to the punch, please do not become angry at that person, and respond hatefully. Understand that this is mainly for fun, and so everyone has the responsibility of keeping himself or her own self happy, and in a cheerful mood. sunny As for me, I do it just out of enjoyment for creating stuff, and keeping in practice. And please do remember to be yourself! Just take care not to offend anyone here, and you'll get along just fine (a reward in itself).

    Suggestions/tips to the graphic artists here, and for the posted art, are always welcome. Just be sure to never insult the creator of any art on this forum, because doing so will be sure to make yourself some enemies...and I'm sure you wouldn't want that, now would you? Wink

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