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    Tai Chi Chuan

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    Tai Chi Chuan Empty Tai Chi Chuan

    Post by Coolname007 on Mon Mar 01, 2010 4:06 pm

    Tai Chi Chuan

    Tai Chi Chuan R_char2

    Tai Chi Chuan is often called "the exercise of immortality" because of its regenerative powers and overall health benefits. Sometimes referred to as "moving meditation", Tai Chi Chuan is practiced for many reasons. From general good health to self-defense, it is a classic Chinese discipline that focuses on the development of Ch'i (internal energy), improved balance and physical strength, flexibility and mental awareness. Based upon the Taoist principle of Yin and Yang (the forces of nature), as a martial art, Tai Chi uses the theory of "yielding force" to overcome an attacker. Gentle in appearance, but completely effective for self-defense, the slow moving forms of Tai Chi Chuan are suitable for adults of all ages.

    Although the historical documentation varies, most agree that the creation of Tai Chi Chuan is attributed to the monk Zhang San Feng (born at the end of the Song Dynasty, 1247) of the Purple Summit Temple on Wudan Mountain. He had retreated there after leaving the Shaolin temple to pursue his search for immortality. Stories tell that after witnessing a fight between a snake and a crane, the monk devised a system of self-defense based upon the "flexibility of the snake and the stability of the crane", first known as "Wudan 32 Styles of Long Fist". Tai Chi Chuan, over the centuries, has developed into one of the true treasures of China.

    It has only been over the last 25 years or so, that western science has been able to qualify and quantify the effects of "Chi", something the Chinese have been dealing with for thousands of years. Acupuncture, a widely accepted medial practice is based upon the flow of "Chi" along the 12 meridians or chi channels in the body. Everybody has "Chi" and through the practice of Tai Chi Chuan, you will learn to increase and control the flow of your personal energy, leading to a stronger body and a sharper mind. ResearchOregon Research Institute, 6 month study of health, physically inactive, older adults has shown a 65% overall increase in functionality of elderly persons ranging from walking and lifting to moderate, vigorous running, as well as improved balance in a study group of inactive older adults.

    Tai Chi Chuan styles are family arts, hence the names. Chen Tai Chi, being the oldest and original style, was developed in the Chen family village, and later it was taught to a man named Yang and so on. Yang style is the most popular and widely practiced of the five major Tai Chi Chuan styles. The three remaining family styles are Wuu, Sun and Wu.

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